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Silence And Lily: 1773 - 1773

Silence And Lily: 1773 (hoofbeats)
October 20, 2013

My name is Amy from Harrisburg, PA and I enjoy reading. Your child will love Silence And Lily: 1773 : 1773. My cousin Olga Summers was saying exactly how her children who are 5 and 14 really likes her paperback copy of Silence And Lily.

In 1773, twelve-year-old Silence works to please her mother through household chores and weekly etiquette lessons in hopes of spending time with her beloved horse, Lily, while the men of Boston, including her Loyalist father and brother, discuss a possible war over taxation without representation.

The author is Kathleen Duey and the publisher is Puffin. The book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2007. This version is the 1st ed. is 176 pages long. The book accentuates Families, Family life, History, Slavery, Indentured servants and Horses.

A fantastic book is considered among the very best things on the earth you may have. This book can at present be found at a discount for way less than what you would pay in bookstores. For additional details on this kids book, check out our store link on this page.

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